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How To Find Us and Ship Stuff To Us

Room Locations

Student Offices: Tech K332 and Tech K342
Songi Han: Silvermann Hall 4609 (4611)
Han Labs: Silvermann B530, Tech J317, Tech B176

Shipping Address

Department of Chemistry
2145 Sheridan Road, Tech Rm K342
Evanston, IL 60208-3113

Meeting Times

Hydration sub-group meeting:

Monday 3-4 pm @ Silverman 3-510


QRS-DNP sub-group meeting:

Tuesday 3-4 pm @ Silverman 3-510


Group meeting:

Thursday 4-5 pm @ Silverman 3-510


Tau sub group meeting:

Friday 2-3 pm @ Silverman 3-510


Please fill out this form: Han Lab Undergrad Research Interest Form


Grad students and Postdocs:

Please email:

Meet Our Research

Team Candidates are sought for all projects in the research group.

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